Flying Peacock Balm from Rangoon Chemicals

Flying White Tiger Balm from Rangoon Chemicals

Rangoon Chemicals - Flying peacock balm is the pain reliever balm which can be used it for stomach aches, travel sickness, asthma, cold, toothache, etc

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Flying Peacock Balm

This cautiously computed balm acts as a soothing agent for many ailments such as congestion, asthma, cold, toothache, sinusitis, travel sickness, upset stomach due to the healing properties of Pudina ka Phool which forms one of the main constituents.


Phudina Ka Phool- Aryabhishak- 20%
Kapoor- Aryabhishak- 10%
Wintergreen Tel- Bhavprakash- 18%
Lavang Tel- Aryabhishak- 05%
Taj Tel- Aryabhishak- 05%
Nilgiri Tel- Rastantrasa 02%
Phudina Ka Tel- Aryabhishak- 05%
Coloured Ointment Base - Q.S
Colour: Toney Red, Quinazarine Green SS, Quinoline Yellow SS