Finding A Cure: Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back trouble is one of those problems that can torture your body. It’s one of those ailments that hurt you no matter what you do. Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down in a certain position, there is nothing to alleviate the pain, unless you resort to painkillers, and those, as we are all aware, possess a number of side effects that are degenerative to the body.

Balm to Aid Breathing

So what is the solution to this problem you ask? There are a lot of home-remedies you can add to your daily regimen and see a steady reduction in the pain. Here are some of them:

1) Standing Tall: Standing with a hunched back often leads to acute lower back trouble. Hence it is advisable to stand with you chest out and your back in its natural curvature. While standing, do not rest all your weight on one leg- it hampers the shape of your spine.
2) Sitting Upright- How any times have we been told to sit straighter? There is a lot of wisdom in this statement as sitting in a slouched position increases the pressure on the lower back.
3) Stretching- Stretching is extremely essential to your posture. Elongating your spine will ensure that the pressure on your back is evenly distributed and the effects of exerting your back are neutralized. It is vital to do this pre and post a workout. You can further this remedy by adding a pain-relieving ointment or balm to the mix.
4) Strengthen your core- Your core is what helps you hold up your upper body weight. Implementing a core workout to your gym regimen will do wonders for your lower back. Start by applying Rangoon Chemicals’ Flying Tiger Balm while you stretch and begin with your core exercises.
5) Engage your hamstrings- Your hamstrings are directly connected to your lower back, so engaging, stretching and exercising them will ensure that your muscles and joints are strengthened. Not only will this heal your lower back, but also keep your legs limber.
6) Sleeping Position- Sleeping in a contorted position will affect the position and shape of your spine the rest of the day. Ensure you sleep on your back with ample support to your neck and head. This serves as a simple yet effective lower back treatment.
7) Hot and cold- Use hot and cold agents to cure your lower back pains. Use an invigorating gel or balm, like the Flying Peacock Balm, to create the heating factor. Follow it up with a cold water bag for best results.

These are a few remedies to decrease lower back pains. The best way to relieve yourself of back pain is by making sure you put the above into practice and whip your back back into shape!


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