Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Reduce Post-Workout Muscle SorenessNobody likes to be sore after a workout. Aside from the difficulties of breathing hard or your muscles burning, uncomfortable post workout soreness is one of the main reasons that people drop out of an exercise routine. But although soreness cannot be completely eliminated, it can be controlled, and proper post-workout recovery measures will also allow your body to recover more quickly and respond better to your workouts.

To prevent soreness, before working out, Flying Tiger Cub Balm must be gently applied onto the legs, back, hands, etc. to loosen up the muscles making the work out not so stressful.

Flying Tiger Cub Balm should be gently applies into the muscle immediately after and up to several days after a work out, until soreness subsides. It can give a cooling sensation while also increasing blood flow.


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