Rangoon Chemicals - Flying Tiger cub Spray

Rangoon Chemicals - Flying Tiger Spray is the pain reliever Spray which can be used for back pan, joint pain, muscle pain, etc
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Flying Tiger cub Relief Spray

This product suits the modern and urban lifestyles. Very handy and easy to use for both men and women who suffer from innumerable pains, for several reasons, on various body parts. Pain always come in uninvited and can occur even while doing everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects or wrong posture at work or home. If you have an Ayurvedic Flying Tyer Cub Spray intant relief formula with you all your worries of the pain will be replenished.

Composition and Constituents

Phudina Ka Phool- Aryabhishak 10%
Kapoor- Aryabhishak 6%
Wintergreen Tel- Bhav Prakash 22%
Nilgiri Tel- Rastantrasar-1 05%
Phudina Ka Tel- Aryabhishak 04%
Propellant Q.S. to (100%)


The warmth provided by the spray, helps to loosen up stiff and sore muscles. When applied to the skin, the product’s invigorating properties create heat under the skin, which boosts blood flow and circulation. The skin absorbs it rapidly, making the area numb and augmenting blood circulation. Acting as a relaxant, it relieves one of muscle pains. Due the presence of menthol, when directly applied to chest, it provides relief from cold and congestion. The strong aroma helps clear sinuses relieving one of breathing troubles. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the spray help in relaxing sore muscles.


Shake well before each use. Spray the contents from 5cm distance on the effected areas, 3-4 times a day .do not spray on open wounds


its a FLAMMABLE pressurised containder. keep away from heat and sunlight.do not expose to temperature exceeding 50°C.Do not pierce or burn even when apparently empty.Do not spray on naked flame or incandescent material.Do not spray near eyes or face. avoid direct inhalation. Harmful if taken internally Keep out of reach of children.