Balms and Oils for Blood Circulation
Wednesday, 25th November 2014 Author: Vinita Daga

Massages are an age-old remedy to relieve muscle spasms, soreness, and fatigue and increase blood flow. Rangoon Chemicals' range of balms and oils are the quintessential blood-circulation aiding products, applied after your massage, to help you redeem the most from them. They help decrease blood-clotting, blockades, thereby helping reduce the chances of hemorrhaging. Applied post your massage, they are extremely beneficial to decrease blood thinning.

Rangoon Balms and oils are known to reverse blood thinning by enhancing the supply of oxygen to the red blood cells. The Flying Tiger Oils and balms help purify your blood. Massages involve pressure application and release. Aided by The Flying Tiger Oils and balms, which are applied after your massage, this will help reduce impurities and help prevent injuries. Not only is it beneficial for relieving muscle soreness but are known to cure depression too. A 30-minute massage helps release the hormones that are associated with relaxation. A relaxing massage, after which the application of Rangoon Balms and Oils will uplift your mood as well as increase blood flow and keep blood-related diseases at bay.

Note: We do not advise getting massaged with our products as it can result in redness and itching. They are to be applied after the massage.

Balm to Aid Breathing
Wednesday, 25th November 2014 Author: Vinita Daga

Rangoon Chemicals' Balms and Oils are extremely beneficial in relieving nasal blocks and congestion. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, these oils are very effective to cure such ailments. They provide quick relief and come in handy when one is travelling. These Balms and Oils contain Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil, which are known to provide brisk improvements in disorders like chest congestion.

The oils and balms can be gently applied onto the chest and around the throat during periods of discomfort, like at bedtime or in the morning. These are the most common times for nasal and chest blockages to occur. A small application of the oil on a napkin or handkerchief to be sniffed can provide relief during the course of the day. These products by Rangoon provide rapid alleviation of pain and discomfort.

Relieving Pain Without Taking Medicines
Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Author: Nandini Bhangar

For some people, pain can be relieved without using medicine. They use relaxation, distraction, and skin stimulation. You need the help of health professionals to learn to do these or even friends and family members can help with this.

For pain relief, massage is most effective when using slow, steady, circular motions. You can massage over or near the area of pain with just your bare hand or with any substance that feels good such as talcum powder, warm oil, or hand lotion. Getting a foot rub, back rub, or hand rub can be very relaxing and may relieve pain.

Flying Tiger Cub Balm can be very helpful in this case. It helps relieve pain of all types such as headaches, joint pains, body pain etc. Once you smoothly apply the balm over the area of pain and leave it on for sometime, it completely pulls out the pain giving a very soothing effect.

Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness
Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Author: Nandini Bhangar

Nobody likes to be sore after a workout. Aside from the difficulties of breathing hard or your muscles burning, uncomfortable post workout soreness is one of the main reasons that people drop out of an exercise routine. But although soreness cannot be completely eliminated, it can be controlled, and proper post-workout recovery measures will also allow your body to recover more quickly and respond better to your workouts.

To prevent soreness, before working out, Flying Tiger Cub Balm must be gently applied onto the legs, back, hands, etc. to loosen up the muscles making the work out not so stressful. Flying Tiger Cub Balm should be gently applies into the muscle immediately after and up to several days after a work out, until soreness subsides. It can give a cooling sensation while also increasing blood flow.

Get Rid Of A Headache
Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Author: Nandini Bhangar

When a headache hits, the only thing that sounds remotely pleasant is lying down, closing your eyes and falling asleep. Unfortunately, more often than not, we're stuck in traffic, dealing with a crabby boss, trying to cook dinner, running to catch the bus, etc. when the pounding sets in, and lying down just isn't an option, instead of instantly medicating yourself, carrying a bottle of Flying Tiger Cub Balm always helps soothing the headache. You can apply some on your temples, on the back of your neck, or anywhere you feel tense or sore to help relieve the pain.

Natural Remedies To Treat Cramps
Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Author: Nandini Bhangar

1) Use ICE to numb the pain in a cramp, reducing inflammation and allowing the muscle to relax.

2) STRETCH the affected muscle with a mild, static stretch.

3) Have a WARM water BATH filled with Epsom salts.

4) Apply HEAT to soothe the muscle post-cramp.

5) Apply the pain relieving Flying Tiger Cub Balm to potentially loosen the muscle allowing it to relax and the cramp to dissipate, reducing soreness and promote healing.

Quick Ways To Stop Back Pain
Wednesday, 8th October 2014 Author: Nandini Bhangar

Roughly 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point during their lives. Women, i