Fast and Effective: Remedies for headaches to relieve pain

Headaches are among the most common problems that every one of us face, often caused due to stress. It ends up disrupting our schedule and interferes with our day to day activities. They often have more than one contributing factor, most of them being lifestyle related.

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There are various types of headaches :
1. Stress Headaches: Usually caused due to tension and hectic schedules, these are the most common type.
2. Cluster Headaches: These are recurring, and often characterised by pain in one side of the head.
3. Sinus Headaches: They are usually caused due to inflammation of the sinus.
4. Rebound Headaches: Very often, over the counter drugs for headaches can in turn cause further headaches. It’s best to avoid excessive chemical intake.
5. Migraine Headaches: These are recurring depending on how severe the migraine is.

Causes of Headaches
Headaches are a result of irregular chemical activity in the brain. However, the remedy to the headache lies in knowing what causes it. It’s very important to identify the headache symptoms and act on them. The most common headache causes are:
Lack of sleep: Getting enough sleep at regular hours is extremely important.
Stress: Tension causes the muscles in the brain to constantly contract and expand, resulting in spasms.
Unhealthy diet: Eating food that doesn’t provide the body with the necessary proteins and vitamins causes headaches.
High blood pressure: It causes the nerves and muscles to tense, causing headache.
Temperature: Extreme heat or cold, or frequent fluctuations in the temperature cause headaches.
Dehydration: Not drinking enough water despite sweating and losing a lot to the heat, can result in major headaches.
Noise: Loud and sudden noises can cause instant headaches.
Eye problems: Weak eye sight and increase in eye power, when left unattended, cause headaches.
Dental problems: Dental problems are often nerve related, thus directly causing headaches.
Heavy medication: Often as a side effect, medicines which are focused on one part of the bodies result in headaches.
Remedies for headaches:
Relaxation exercises: Relaxing with the help of soothing music, deep breathing and yoga help relieve headaches. Massages using pain relieving ointments also help one to relax.
Enough sleep: One of the major solutions to headaches is getting enough sleep and rest. 8 hours of sleep is completely necessary.
Change in diet: Incorporating all the necessary fruits and vegetables in your diet will result in overall good health.
Correct medication: The right medication is extremely crucial in achieving headache relief. One should know what suits them. Instead of always popping an aspirin, external remedies like balms and ointments help. Pain relief balms have a comparatively long lasting effect.
Natural Products: Natural remedies should include natural ingredients like phudina flowers and oil, kapoor, Wintergreen oil, Lavang oil, Taj oil, Cajuput oil, nilgiri oil, and Jatiphal oil, found in the Flying White Tiger Cub Balm. They are extremely effective in headache treatment.

Use the above remedies and solutions to rid yourself of headaches. Use products and balms with efficient ingredients for effective results and say goodbye to headaches!


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