Facts & Tips: How to get rid of shoulder pain

According to orthopedic doctors and surgeons, who specialize in joint replacement, almost every individual between the ages of 18 and 88 suffers from shoulder pain. So it is imperative that every being, over a certain age, should not ignore that nagging pain in their shoulder blade.

Balm to Aid Breathing

The reason that the shoulder is a troublesome area for most individuals is because it is composed of soft-tissue that is subject to perpetual wear and tear. So it’s just not athletes that suffer from this ailment, it’s also everyday folk. It’s generally your rotator cuff that is the root cause of shoulder trouble. A tendon that undergoes a lot of deterioration through the years surrounds the rotator cuff. This tendon is responsible for the painless movement of the shoulder and should be taken care of incessantly.

The root cause of these troubles can be pin pointed to excessive stress on the tendon caused due to manual labor and athletic activities. One must take extra care while warming up, in order to loosen these muscles and tendons to ensure complete movement and flexibility. At the same time, do not strain your shoulder too much too soon; take gradual steps in order to attain complete motion, without degrading the tendon in question.

If you already suffer from shoulder pain and injuries, there is a multitude of remedies that can be followed in order to fix them. The key is heating and cooling. Use an ointment or balm that has both invigorating and calming properties. Sounds like a conundrum? Pick a balm that has ingredients like kapoor, wintergreen oil, phudina ka phool, etc. These ayurvedic ingredients have healing properties that help rejuvenate worn-out muscles. An example of such a balm is the Flying Tiger Balm and helps relieve shoulder blade pain. Another remedy can be practicing the tennis ball exercise, it known to be pain relieving and discomfort alleviating. Acupuncture and massages are treatments for when the pain is manageable, but when the pain is unbearable, one can opt for painkillers and muscle relaxants. However, these can be addictive and should be used only under dire circumstances and the supervision of a physician.


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