Relieving Pain Without Taking Medicines

Relieving Pain Without Taking MedicinesFor some people, pain can be relieved without using medicine. They use relaxation, distraction, and skin stimulation. You need the help of health professionals to learn to do these or even friends and family members can help with this.

For pain relief, massage is most effective when using slow, steady, circular motions. You can massage over or near the area of pain with just your bare hand or with any substance that feels good such as talcum powder, warm oil, or hand lotion. Getting a foot rub, back rub, or hand rub can be very relaxing and may relieve pain.

Flying Tiger Cub Balm can be very helpful in this case. It helps relieve pain of all types such as headaches, joint pains, body pain etc. Once you smoothly apply the balm over the area of pain and leave it on for sometime, it completely pulls out the pain giving a very soothing effect.


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