Finding Relief: Causes and Treatments for Joint Pain

A joint is the point of convergence between two bones and the human body has about 360 joints that aid and support movements, motions, gestures and actions. Examples of joints are the shoulder joint, the knee, the elbow, the wrists, the knucles, etc. And more often that not, adults are afflicted with joint pains and aches. More than one-third of the adults in the world complain about aching joints. The most frequent complaints are about knee, hip and shoulder pains.

There are multiple diseases and ailments that can lead to these pains, like gout, arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, obesity, osteoarthritis, bursitis, sprains, stress, lupus, inflammation of tendons, ankylosing spondylitis, overuse, lyme disease, rickets, and so on. These are often degenerative, meaning they worsen and get more serious over time, if not looked after in the preliminary stages.

Balm to Aid Breathing

There are various ways to treat joint pangs, some more effective and permanent than others.

1. Medication

Medicines that contain ibuprofen are considered muscle relaxers and pain-relievers, however, these are a shirt—term solution, and cause acidity in numerous cases, which results in taking more medicines. So for sudden catches and aches, this method, proves to be effective.

2. Home Remedies

Eating foods that are rich in capsaicin- a component found in peppers and chilies- help relieve and alleviate joint pains that are chronic and recurring in nature. This is a long-term solution, as it takes a substantial period of time to take effect. Similarly, adding turmeric to your food is an efficient joint pain treatment technique. These are natural ways to reduce pain, but take a while to show results.

3. Ointments and Balms

Frequent application of balms and ointments are a way to remedy joint aches. Flying Tiger Balm, a stellar example of balms that help relieve joint pains. The invigorating components of this ointment help slacken and loosen up the muscles that aid fluid motion. There is heat produced under the skin, which helps engage the joints and muscles and relieve pain.

4. Weight Loss

Joint pains are most often seen in those, who are over-weight and/or obese. Their joints are not very strong due to their eating habits, and start to give way in the long run, due to over-pressurization. Therefore, in such cases, losing weight is extremely important.

Joint pains cause a lot of hindrance in one’s day-to-day activities, and can take a long time to overcome. But with the above treatments, can be beaten and conquered, with a little care and maintenance.


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